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Refunds & Cancellations


Orders once placed cannot be cancelled or altered.

In the exceptional case, that you maybe travelling or unable to receive an order due to some emergency, you may write to us within a few hours of placing the order, before the order is dispatched so that we may either alter your shipping address or cancel the order and send you a complete refund.

Damaged Shipments

In the rare event where an order is damaged due to shipping, please send us an email with a photograph of the shipment and we will issue a complete refund.


In case a book has a page missing, or there is a printing error, we will send you a replacement copy for free. 

Return Shipments 

If, for some reason, the order is returned to us, either due to the contact information being incorrect, or is intentionally not accepted, we will refund the amount deducting the shipping (as per actuals) & handling fee of 10% of the order value.

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