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Clove Prasad

clove prasad.jpg

These sacred healing cloves are blessed with Baba's udi prasad that is manifested by Baba.


udi prasad.jpg

Since this healing udi is available in very small quantities, it is mixed with cloves so it can reach more devotees.

The prasad is offered for free (not for sale) and two packets of the cloves are sent with each shipment through the website.

Numerous devotees across the globe have experienced its miraculous healing benefits, especially for its healing of respiratory issues such as cough, colds during the COVID pandemic.  


We recommend that you consume not more than two cloves per day. Keep it in the side of the mouth, and may swallow it after a few hours.

Do not use it as a condiment in tea or food, as it contains Baba's udi. Please keep it safely in your shrine. Ideally take one when leaving home everyday, or when experiencing the first
 symptoms of any cough or cold. 

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