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Dasganu Maharaj wrote three important books (among many others). These are Shri Santkathamrit, Shribhaktileelaamrit and Shribhaktisaaramrit. In these books, there are seven chapters that are about Shri Sai that contain conversations of Shri Sai with Chandorkar and other devotees. Sai devotee Rakesh Juneja has translated these into English, with his commentaries and explanations, and created this granth, Shri Sai Gyaneshwari. It has 700 texts, consolidated into nine chapters of navadha form of bhakti.


Divine Knowledge enlightens the mind and removes ignorance, misconceptions, and confusion of this manifested world.


Shri Sai Gyaneshwari is based on the Divine Knowledge of Sadguru Sainath, with the main purpose of leading human life in the best possible spiritual way and progress towards self-realization. Shri Sai’s teachings are the antidote to worldly sufferings and our lifeboat to cross the worldly ocean, thus fulfilling the purpose of human life on this earth.

Shri Sai Gyaneshwari (Hindi)

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