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A Memoir of Bayajama and Tatya Kote Patil  by Sunita Kaimal and Shobha Dighe. 

This book is a tribute to my family's Divine Trio BABA, BAYAJAMA AND TATYABA . It shows how the thread of generations is woven with Baba's Grace. Bayajama and Tatyaba were closest to Baba, infact they were Baba's family, Bayajama was Baba's mother and Tatyaba like His younger brother. In that context Baba is like my great grandfather and I look at HIM with the same bhav (sometimes). Today with his grandfatherly love, HE bestowed upon me through my book SAI WARSA. The divinity of the past generation, a heirloom to be preserved for the present generation and a torch bearer for the future generation. "How can I treasure this Baba!! It is overwhelming for me, like a small child I asked for a sweet and you gave me the sweet nectar of your divine love."This book is a keepsake for every Sai devotee, who wants to see through the bioscope, the era of Baba living with his loved ones. BABA's life and teachings are very simple, yet profound. The difficulty is how we experience simplicity in today's complexity? This book has every aspect of simplicity and truth told by my mother, whom her grandmother Rambhaai told. She was Tatyaba's wife. Rambhaai is the golden thread between Baba, Bayajama, Tatyaba, my grandmother and my mother. Her stories has given a perspective towards simple devotional practices for seeker of every age physical, mental and spiritual. In a short I can put it like Bayajama has offered food to Baba, He has eaten a morsel from the plate and rest is mixed together uniformly to merge all the tastes into one simple form for you to assimilate in your system.


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