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An awe-inspiring account of the life of a mahabhakta of Shirdi Sai Baba

Dr. Keshav Gawankar (Annasaheb) was graced with Babas darshan in 1918, and was one of the few rare devotees to be given a kafni by Baba Himself.

From having Baba's sakshatkar in 1954, to the honor of performing the prand pratishtha of Baba's idol, Anna experienced numerous leelas furthering his spiritual development.

A shining beacon of guru bhakti, his upliftment is a testament to Baba's promise of the deliverance of such a devotee.

This book is for those secking to develop such devotion and surrender that it makes them eligible to experience the Guru's grace.

Sai Baba and Anna

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