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Baba's Akra Vachnae or the ' Eleven promises of Baba' are cherished by every Sai devotee. They are most quoted and sung the world over. In the first part of this book, the intrinsic, profound meaning of the eleven promises is given, replete with leelas and versess from the Shari Sai Satcharita.


The second part of the book offers the ' Gems of Baba's Wisdom'. Radha Krishna Mai's shala was the focal point and Baba sent numerous devotees to her shala. Mai taught and nurtured each devotee to perform Guru seva. The everyday conversations that Baba and Mai had with Swami Sharananand led to the process of ' Self - enquiry' and to realisation.


This book is a 'moral and spiritual compass' that guides us in making the arduous journey to Shirdi and finally to the feet of Samartha Sadguru- Sainath. 

A Divine Journey with Baba

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